How to add bbpress forum thumbnails

By default bbpress forums do not have the capability to add icons or featured images to single forums.

In this tutorial I show you how to add bbpress forum thumbnails the easy way.

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Example of a forum with an image

This is a screenshot of one of my game forums.
The icon next to the forum name upgrades the design and looks totally awesome.
Also it is great for the user guidance, because content with icons can be identified faster by the eyes!

Enabling featured images for bbpres forums:

Step1: Add code to your functions.php
Open the functions.php of your theme and paste this code at the end:

/* Forum Thumbnails */
add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails', array( 'forum' ) );
add_post_type_support('forum', 'thumbnail');

Step2: Choose a featured image for a bbpress forum

  • In the wordpress backend go to your bbpress forum area.
  • Click on a forum and in the right corner you will now find a “featured image” option (exactly like for normal posts).
  • Upload your Icon, for example in the size 50×50 pixel and press save.

For more bbpress and wordpress tips checkout the wordpress snippets overview.

Good Day ~
– Kev