How to classify private content for wordpress member groups

With wordpress great community sites are realisable.

On one of my pages it was necessary to classify the content. To be exact, I created content that only a group of ‘lower admins’ are allowed to see. Guests and all the other member are not allowed to see this content.

For this case I use the reliable wordpress members plugin.

1. What can I do with the wordpress members plugin?

Wordpress comes automactically with predefined user roles and in the admin interface these roles can be assigned to users. The members plugin offers great extra functions!

Features of the members plugin:

  • Allows to add endless custom user roles
  • Each user role can have the capabilites you choose by granting access
  • Users can have multiple roles
  • The default wordpress roles can be changed
  • Well-known plugin that interacts with many other plugins

2. How to create content for a wordpress member group?

The members plugin adds an option box under each post and page in the wordress admin area. Below the text part find this content permission box:
Now you can easily check, which user roles are allowed to see this content.
If you check nothing everyone can see the content by default.

WordPress members plugin shortcodes:

Inside of the content you can classify partially content for member roles:

[members_access role="editor"]Hide this content from everyone but editors.[/members_access]

Multiple roles are allowed seperated with comma.

Content that is only for members that are logged in:

[members_logged_in]This content is only shown to logged-in users.[/members_logged_in]

That’s it! Enjoy 🙂
– Kev