The 6 best comment plugins for wordpress in 2016

The comment section is an important part of any blog or website.
If it is done well, people share their thoughts fast and comment more.

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In the wordpress plugin index, there are hundreds of wordpress comment plugins. But most of them are not even worth to install – I created this list in 2016 to make sure which plugins are still great & which are great to use at all.

I had each of the following plugins in use on different websites. The chosen wordpress plugins also have one important thing in common: many active installs combined with good ratings about 4-5 stars. This is a must to experience a satisfying usage over a long time, because it’s safe that there will be udpates and support.

Table of Content:
1. WPDiscuz
3. Disqus
4. Jetpack
5. Comments Evolved
6. Using the default wordpress comments (with extras)

1. WPDiscuz

wpdiscuz-best-wordpress-comment-pluginWPDiscuz is one of the best solutions for the comment section. This plugin is fast and well organized. The comments are saved and loaded via AJAX. This means it works real-time. If someone is commenting while you are on the page it will appear.
The options for this plugin are perfect – everything can be edited. WPDiscuz works well with community plugins like buddypress & with reward systems like UserPro or Mycred.

I can really recommend this plugin, If you are searching for a fast & quick comment plugin, that is located on your own server. Get this one!
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2. is a growing platform, that presents a new comment solution. The comment area feels good and modern. It tries to combine everything possible:
You can comment as a guest, with social logins or even with a Disqus account (comment solution from below). Image upload is integrated. works real-timelike a chat. While having a lot of features, nevertheless the plugin looks clean and simple.
spot-im-comment-replyThe setup is super easy and done in a few minutes. The platform promotes with the advantages of increased pageviews and contribution, but this is something everyone should test himself. A cool extra feature of is the newsfeed that you can activate. This shows every activity on the website as a live stream.
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3. Disqus

disqus-comment-system-for-wordpressDisqus is a modern comment system and an alternative to regular wordpress comments.

It loads after the rest of your content has been loaded. Disqus is like a social network for comment areas. Users can create an account and browse content through the disqus network. This means you are able to advertise in the comment area (showing oher Disqus websites) but you dont have to.

Disqus makes it easy to comment as a guest and to upload images. Like you can see on the Disqus screenshot, comments can be up-/downvoted and be shared.
disqus-screenshot-testWell, Disqus is easy to install and I am using it on one of my websites. But in the last few months more and more people complain about the bad support and that Disqus is not up to date anymore.

For me it is still making a good job, but if starting a new blog in 2016 I would choose another option of this list to be save.
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4. Jetpack

jetpack-comment-solutionJetpack is a multifunctional mega plugin with like 50 features. It works as an all-in-one suite that is totally free.
As you can see on the screenshot users are able to comment via social network or comment as a guest.
The good thing about Jetpack is, that the given possibilites always work a 100%. Jetpack is like a showpiece for wordpress and they can’t allow mistakes at this point. The support and further development is steady.
The bad is, that Jetpack is an absolute overkill and overload. When I was giving it a try I needed like 10 features out of 50. I love superfast and simple solutions, so this did not work for me, but the comment part is great though. If you can benefit from enough features, Jetpack might be the right solution for your blog.

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5. Comments Evolved

comments-evolved-plugin-2016The main idea behind comments evolved is to have one comment section for each allowed platform. For example when clicking on the facebook section, you only see comments made by facebook commenters. The plugin works good and the idea is nice, but in my opinion this is only suitable for huge websites. If your posts do not have over 50 comments each, there is no use. It is clear & also studies show it – that if there already many comments, people rather add another comment. So if you split these comments into parts, they look fewer. Also Comments Evolved was not that easy to install when I used it. Here is a screenshot of Comments Evolved:
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6. Using the default wordpress comments (with extras)

A great alternative is to go without a full range comment plugin. The wordpress default comment section has already good basics in it. With a few modifications a solid comment area is possible.

• Good if you want to stay simple and clean
• Add the plugin WP Ajaxify Comments – it works like a charme – a must have for normal wordpress comments! The plugin adds ajax to your comments, no page reload is required at any time. It also adds UI feedback to the user, for example by telling him thanks for the comment.
• If you want to allow image upload, use the Comment Attachment plugin for this.


The top plugins for wordpress comments got a high competition. Only a few plugins work really good.
In my opinion you have two options:
Option 1: Choose a selfhosted version like WPDiscuz or default wordpress comments with extras. Like this you stay fast, clean and simple.
Option 2: Choose an external hosted version like or disqus to benefit from extra features through the network.

These options work out great for me!

What about you?

Please share your experience with us!

Have a good day
– Kev