2. What is CPC?

The term CPC means cost-per-click and is related to PPC (pay-per-click).
Website owners that want to monetize their traffic use programs like Google Adsense. These ad programs automatically serve suitable advertisement to users and are completely self-running. The CPC describes the amount of money that the website publisher gets for a click on one of his ads.

Your website got 100.000 impressions and 2000 users click on ads. For Example these 2000 clicks bring you an average amount of $0.1 – this means your average CPC is $0.1. Single values can differ a lot, but the average count is important to value the quality.

3. The deal with the CPC

Every single day new websites arise and we nearly all have the common motivation – earning money with it.
I often heard the questions if a topic has something to do with the profit?

And even if some will tell you the opposite – Yes of course there is a relation!

Efforts in one niche may implicate a higher income than in another niche.

The CPC is dependent of many different factors like your type of content, the quality of traffic, ad sizes, ad placements, location of the audience and much more.
But the niche topic determines a lot and will classify the amout of CPC immense. When your CPC range is defined by your topic, you are able to boost it trough various methods though.

When you are just starting, or thinking about a new project or sub category, the CPC chart can help you to find a profitable range. Start building your audience in these niches and test on your own which CPCs your blog is able to achieve.

What you should not do is choosing blind just for the cash. In my opinion a new blog can be succesful with any topic! It is important to find a subject that fills in your desire & interest, so that you are able spending hundred of hours with it. Made-for-Adsense-Websites are not cool, horrible to read and spam the web.

Find something where you are able to provide high quality content over a long time. With hard work, patience and motivation you will rock any topic irrespective of CPC values.

4. How can a topic affect my CPC?

Just check the topics in the chart above that allow a high CPC. These topics are all about money or expensive products. Ads placed appropriate for this content show sales and offers with high fees. High fees allow higher CPCs.

Don’t forget that it’s not about a quick start. Your CPC can increase as the time goes on.
Google Adsense will measure the content and the quality. Authority and respect inside an internet niche needs a bit time. Websites that keep the good work up for years will be rewarded trough increasing CPCs.

5. Conclusion

Yes my friend, the topic justifies the CPC. When you are thinking about a new blog checkout the CPC chart first and then think again.
Choose something in the middle of a profitable CPC and where your love goes into.

I’m happy to answer you any questions about the Google Adsense CPC or anything related.
Have a good day!