Font Awesome

Font Awesome is one of the biggest and well known Icon Libraries that is completely free to use.

I simply love it! For every new or existing project, Font Awesome is a great option – if the icons fit the design of the project.

For me it is the number one resource of Icon Libraries. Nearly every need we can think of is covered with a suitable web icon by Font Awesome.

The Icons are organized in categories – the top categories are Web Essentials and Brand Icons.
This is great because like this you can add a logo-icon of any brand with regocnition value quick & easy.

Font Awesome is powering over 200 icons and new icons are getting published regularly.


Is Font Awesome completely free?

Yes. A 100% free. It is an open source License, you can use Font Awesome for commercial projects.

Font Awesome is superfast to use

To place Font Awesome Icons on your page, simply follow the steps in the “Get Started” area on

I recommend to use the Bootstrap CDN integration which means to place one line of code into the header of your html. That’s all.

Now you can place the i-tags whereever u want.

Create this icon:
By placing the following code:

<i class="fa fa-calendar"></i>

The i-tag is like every html tag stylable via css.
To increase the size just use a higher font-size.

Font Awesome is great for photoshop designers

Since Font Awesome is a real font, it is useable in Photoshop.
To do this just download the font and add it to your system.
Now copy the icon you need from the Fontawesome Cheatsheet.
and paste it into a photoshop text element.
Make sure to select Font Awesome for the text element. That’s it!

Keep in mind that downloaded fonts to your system are static.
If there is an update (with new icons), these new icons will only work if u download the newest version of the font and replace it on your system.

Name: Font Awesome
Category: Icon Library

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