Top 15 Sans-Serif Google Fonts for Webdesign

The library of google fonts is a great resource for all webdesigners and developers.

The google webfonts ensure the perfect compatibility of font usage between photoshop files and the final implementation on a website. That means there will be no extra efforts to realize the webfonts, they just work out of the box – with one line of code!

For nearly any occasion there is a suitable typeset.
I created this list to give my feedback which google fonts are perfect for good webdesign.

As a webdesigner I take the google library as a reference for every single new project. I love simplicity and perfection which can be found and represented by accurate letter fonts to transport a vision.

1. Open Sans

Open Sans is the flagship killer of the whole library – everyone loves Open Sans!
It is clean, serious, not boring and flexible for different layouts.

The normal weight is perfect for running text and long parts. But also the semibold and bold weight works out great for headlines and written in caps they just punch a message into your face.

Open Sans usage is growing & ready to fight the percentage of Arial and Tahoma.
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2. Lato

The Lato Webfont has more personality than Open Sans. It is an interesting font with rounded parts and a tight letterbox.

Comparing it with Open Sans it is losing seriousness and cleanliness in the details. Nevertheless the normal and bold weight of Lato bring up positive characteristics, though it does not match every subject.

Like you can see here on Appdino I am using Lato, it fits great!
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3. Source Sans Pro

Source Sans Pro is an accurate confident font. It may be a bit cold and prissy but it is reliable and can underline the credibility. In my opinion this straight-lined font fits for more serious issues.
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4. Roboto

The Sans-Serif version Roboto has a big range of styles from thin to ultra bold. Roboto has tall letters. This fond has a high recognition value with it’s own characteristics. For me it is a technical or special font with extravagant shapes. The normal 400 weight is the best part of this font.
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5. Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a very special font, that uses diagonal lines to connect curvy parts.

This font should be treated with caution, since it can be very prepossessing. That means Ubuntu can could deflect the attention. But if the text topic matches the nature of this font it will have a positive impact!
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6. Droid Sans

Droid Sans is a mixture of good readiblity and a medi-eval touch. The normal weight is quite thick in comparison to other fonts. Great for ancient topics brought to daily life.

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7. Fira Sans

Fira Sans is simple and clean on the one hand, but feels special. It has it’s own style that you can like or not. Since it comes from the same developer as Mozilla Firefox it feels consistend but also insurgent.
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8. Signika

The Google Webfont Signika has an informational character.
It feels monotonous but civilized. Appropriate for some topic fields.

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9. PT Sans

PT Sans has a narrow letter-spacing. PT Sans has many different styles whit a very different appereance. The font is native and serious.

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10. Nunito

The Nunito Google Webfont is very thin and round!
This font is happy & funny and is packaging any text into charming information. Nunito can fit female or easy topics. I like it because it’s a positive font that still keeps some seriousness. Unfortunately the bold version is crap, the thickness is too different. A different font for headlines is an option.

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11. Muli

Muli can be compared to Nunito, but it’s less round and a bit thinner. For content areas and long text Muli Regular has a great readiblity! It looks clean but also round and lightweight.

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12. Maven Pro

Maven Pro is a modern font that implicates a futuristic range. Maven Pro is very immanent.
Anything futuristc or related could fit to Maven Pro.

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13. Raleway


Raleway is an elegant Google Webfont, that has big lower letters. Raleway looks old and rustic.
It looks geometric but still has a nice flow.
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14. Noto Sans

Not Sans is the ultimate basic font from Google. It is beautiful and clean. Google’s intention for this font was to create a global font that is able to diplay every language on this planet. It is a must to show it up in this list. I haven’t used it often yet but im sure Noto will grow in the future and will take its part in webdesign.

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15. Merriweather Sans

The serif version of Merriweather is damn beautiful and great. What some people does not know, the sans-serif version of Merriweather is also nice to use. Merriweather Sans has a big personality too. It has wide letters with interesting dissimilarities. Try it out!
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Which one is the best Google Font for Webdesign?

There is no definite answer to that.
For each project a different font can fit, but I found myself always coming back to the basics in the end.
Fonts are masterpieces but there are only some that constrast strongly with the rest.

Take these 15 fonts as a reference for new projects. I would recommend a sans-serif font for running text in most cases. In some cases it is great to use a font with serifes as the headline and stick to a sans-serif for normal text.

These are just my two coins – take your benefits out of it. If you think some evaluations of the fonts are wrong leave a comment.

What are your favorite sans-serif google fonts at all?