9 reasons why good webdesign is a must

In online business, companies & agencies value the design part totally different.

We created a list why we think design is a must for any online business. No matter what your business is up for and what your goals are, here are some essential benefits.

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1. Good design causes a great first impression

The first 2-3 seconds decide if the visitor is satisfied of a website, respective what he has searched for and is expecting to find. This short amount of time determines a lot. If the visitor can identify the content of the page as what he was searching for plus that he experiences a suitable design for that content, he will stay. It is the perfect invitiation and the first step of a relationship – that can lead to a subscriber or consumer.

2. Good design makes curious

The colors, the images, the overall impression of the design evokes curiosity.
There is so much to experience what could be behind this design and brand. If someone likes the design of a website, he wants more! More to see, more to know and more to discover about the variety and the content…

3. Good design is marketing

A website that looks stunning, visitors willingly share to friends or to social networks. The design aspect spreads the word and raises the visits on the short as well as on the long term.
Furthermore it improves the branding and gives the branding more power.

4. Trust

An appareance that underlines the content perfectly, gives trust to the visitor. It is easier to believe the given information if the overall impression is well rounded and when everything fits.
Trust is a very important value in the web and forbears from scam or spam. Trust signals are the best thing you can do as a foundation for further content and strengthens the bound to your audience.

5. Use emotions to emphasize your unique content

Studies show that the mood and feelings of visitors can impact the conversion rate.
Images can create big feelings and setup the right atmosphere, but also different colors feel different – choose them wisely.
Treat every visitor as a potential buyer! The process the visitors are walking through paves the way to the goal you create. People that are in a positive mood are more willingly to pay money for products or services.
Create feelings – they emphasize content & setup the mindset for buyers!

6. Design sells

In addition to number 5 not only emotions, but also other aspects can impact the conversion rate for selled products. The UI and Feedback of a website also belongs to the design!
If the visitor gets positive feedback through the UI experience and the website, it can help to make it easier to complete a money exchange progress. Keep all the steps in mind when designing a product selling page or even for static content.
When websites look awesome, modern and well elaborated people are more willingly to pay something!

7. Good design increases engagement

All creators and publishers of websites and blogs want users that interact. You don’t need much users if the users you got are highly active. Engagement values the website a lot and is great feedback for the creators. Design does increase the engagement, because people who love the look, agree to spend more time on it.
If you want to priorize engagement on your page, give the spots of engagement (like the comments or upload functions) more visibility through your design!

8. Design wins the competition

Imagine two real worlds shops next to each other selling the same product. The one is caring a lot for design and transfers his design and the other one is not. The caring one, brings in his CI (corporate identity) through all elements trough the products, the advertisement and also the outer look of the shop house.
People will be appealed by this, there is so much more love and effort in it. People would even pay more to buy from the one, who is caring.

Good design wins the competition and will outdistance competitors!

9. Design is everlasting and keeps the brand in memory

The design of a product or brand will always stay in peoples memory.
About every brand we know different values and impressions cross our mind.
People will remember the colors and thoughts they had when beeing in touch with that brand the first time. A brand strategy should rely on a good design path. Try to give your design exactly the values the brand stands for and modernize it as the time goes. The more time passes the stronger a brand, that shows presence, will get.


All in all, design is NOT just ordering a webdesign in some agency or design (or do it yourself) and thats it. Sure you can go with a simple design but always keep in mind: good design needs a progress, the created message of your brand should fit every single component.
A well rounded design concept increases the sales and maximizes the success, so try to value it as high as you can!

Share your experience, how do you value design at all?
– Kevin